A Plastic Surgeon’s Guide to Mommy Makeovers

We plastic surgeons at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery here in Missouri love the mommy makeover almost as much as our patients do. This incredibly versatile surgery, which actually involves several procedures at once, can be completely tailored to a patient’s specific desires, incorporating a personalized blend of face, breast, and body treatments into a single, transformative surgery. Read the rest »
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Our #GottaLoveMotherhood Contest Could Have You Looking and Feeling Your Best

As Mother’s Day looms, we can’t help but take a moment to imagine where in our lives we would be without the support of our moms. They have been there to show us the ways of the world, treating us always with patience and kindness and displaying the intense stick-to-itiveness that helps turn little people into amazing adults. Read the rest »
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Who actually has plastic surgery? It’s not always who you think

Every day, our Facebook news feeds are bombarded with images of people who have taken plastic surgery too far. From the outlandish Kim Kardashian, to the tight-lipped Renee Zellweger, to the people who want to look like real-life Barbie dolls, the message is clear and often negative: Plastic surgery makes you look unlike yourself. Read the rest »
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What should you look for in a plastic surgeon?

A disturbing trend in plastic surgery is for large, national chains to set up cosmetic surgery franchises. They hire doctors who may or may not be board certified to perform their procedures. At St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery, we’ve been performing cosmetic surgery longer than anyone in St. Read the rest »
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A loss for the plastic surgery community

The world of plastic surgery suffered a true loss late last week with the death of Steve Moshier. Sadly he was killed while assisting another motorist who had been involved in a traffic accident. Steve was a sales representative for Allergan Medical, focusing mainly on breast implant sales- both cosmetic and reconstructive. Read the rest »
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Breast sagging AFTER a lift and augmentation?

Can We Predict Which Patient Will Have Recurrence of Sagging After Breast Lift/Augmentation? One of the most vexing challenges for plastic surgeons is how to recognize which patient is at risk for an early recurrence of the sagging and drooping of her breasts after a breast lift and augmentation combined procedure. Read the rest »
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Blog Series, Part 3: Dr. Lund’s Fitness Routine

Skiing, rowing, biking–Dr. Lund preaches health and fitness to his patients, and he lives it as well. What activities do you do to stay fit? Dr. Lund: I try to go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week depending upon my work schedule.  Read the rest »
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Summer Blog Series, Part 2: Exercise Q & A with Dr. Christian Prada

In our last blog, we featured Dr. Huffaker, and how he stays fit. This time, we talk with Dr. Christian Prada, who stays fit by having fun…with a combination of activities that typically involve his children and his dog. What is your favorite type of exercise to stay healthy? Read the rest »
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Summer Blog Series, Part 1: Exercise Q & A with Dr. William Huffaker

Performing cosmetic surgery is a physical task. For example, a tummy tuck with liposuction can take more than 4 hours, and multiple surgeries are typically scheduled per day. Feasibly, that could be 8 hours a day for a surgeon in an operating room. Read the rest »
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Summer Blog Series: Our surgeons practice what they preach!

Although the business of cosmetic surgery is to help people feel more positive about their bodies, surgery is not the only way to raise self-esteem. Taking care of yourself is an important aspect of feeling and looking your best; and our doctors always encourage patients to lead a healthy lifestyle in order to receive and maintain the best results. Read the rest »
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